CRAZY PAGAN – a new album from Jez Lowe, available soon.

Finally, we have a title – CRAZY PAGAN – and a strange picture (see below) that appeared on Jez’s Instagram page a couple of days ago. Release date is slated as November 1st, but copies will be available before then via this website. Track-listing and order details should be made… Continue reading

Bits and bobs… New CD… Live gigs…

There’s still no real news about Jez’s new album, which should be available by the beginning of November, just over four weeks away. Though we’ve been able to glean a few hints as to what songs will be on it, there’s been no formal announcement of tracklisting or title. It’s… Continue reading

On-line gig review…

Jez’s on-line concert for the Oxford Folk Festival concert series was a two-hour show featuring, as promised, old songs and new songs, plus plenty of chat in answer to questions from the audience. Jez gave a “shout-out” to all past members of The Bad Pennies, talked about the recording of… Continue reading

News updates…

See the photo ad. below for details of Jez’s concert this coming Wednesday (Sept 16th) at 8pm… According to a tweet from the Tenterden Folk festival in Kent, UK, Jez has contributed video clips of him singing three new songs from the forthcoming new album. They seem very pleased and… Continue reading

On-line concerts and festival clips… New album news… and more

Jez’s on-line Zoom concert for Oxford Festival is scheduled for Wednesday September 16th at 8pm. Details can be found here –
Jez will also be featured on video at Tenterden Festival’s on-line presentation which is happening between October 1st and 4th… He’s also special guest on the Facebook/You Tube… Continue reading

Jez Lowe Concerts- Pay What You Feel Link

Jez Lowe – Time Rich, Cash Poor

Upcoming shows

  • Jan 29th 2021 Jez Lowe in Redcar at The Cutty Wren
  • Jan 31st 2021 Jez Lowe in Live on Facebook at On line concert


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