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Pitmen Poets On Tour… Jez on the radio…

The Pitmen Poets tour of the UK – their final tour – is in full swing, and is causing quite a stir as it goes around the country. There’s a lot of old favourites as well as some new songs included in the show, and much of the high-jinx and… Continue reading

BBC Radio show… Pitmen Poets… More…

Jez spent two days last week travelling around Northumberland recording segments for the BBC Radio 4 programme Open Country. The programme, which will have a Hallowe’en theme to it, will be broadcast in the UK on October 31st. Jez is the presenter of the show, and will also sing a… Continue reading

“The Corly Croons” – out now!

Jez’s new novel “The Corly Croons”, is out now, and will be officially launched at Sedgefield Bookends Festival in County Durham on October 13th. Copies can be bought mail-order via the SHOP page on this website, and sent to wherever you are in the world. It’s already selling like… Continue reading

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Jez Lowe Concerts- Pay What You Feel Link

Jez Lowe – This Is Not My tribe

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