Bad Pennies let loose

The Bad Pennies regroup tonight for their first official gig of the year at Hepworth Village Hall in Yorkshire. They tour across England for the month of May (with a few solo gigs from Jez thrown in too, including Hardraw Festival tomorrow night), and also appear at UK festivals this… Continue reading

Songwriter’s Concert

A partial set-list sent in by Susan Ramsden from last night’s solo gig in Lewes – a trial-run for the Radio Ballads concerts that are peppered across the schedule for the rest of the year – includes a few rarities, such as STAIN UPON THE SNOW and SABOTEUR’S SONG from… Continue reading

2006 Radio Ballads

The six CDs of the BBC Radio Ballads 2006 programmes have been re-released by Proper Music in the UK, according to the current issue of their in-house magazine Propergander. Jez wrote about 25 of the songs that are included in this series. There’s no indication as to whether last year’s… Continue reading

Pollen Films

Jez is still on the road in the UK, mid-way through a month of solo gigs, but will somehow find time later this week to record the voice-over/narration for a documentary film commissioned by the National Trust about the reclamation of the East Durham coastline, currently in production by a… Continue reading

Dylan tribute

A Bob Dylan tribute album entitled YOUNGER THAN THAT NOW is due for release in the UK in early May, and Jez Lowe is one of the featured artists. He’s backed by a band called The White Horse Taverners, playing a version of “one of Dylan’s Irish rebel songs”. Full… Continue reading

Jez Lowe – Market Day

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  • Aug 22nd 2019 Jez Lowe & Steve Tilston in Crail at Crail Folk Club
  • Aug 23rd 2019 Jez Lowe & Steve Tilston in Backroom, 173 Hallgate at Cottingham Live
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