Jez performed JACK COMMON’S ANTHEM and SWEEP HORIZONS CLEAN on BBC Radio Nottingham last Wednesday night, along with two ten minute interviews with drive-time host Alan Clifford. He mentioned that there will be another Winter Almanac tour at the end of the year, but in a different format, and that… Continue reading


Jez and the band seem to having a lot of fun with a new song, evidently titled REVENGE, which was featured on the recent Winter Almanac tour, and is now available for download at a somewhat ambiguous and anonymous website called Jez himself is denying any involvement with the… Continue reading

News Round Up

Jez has started solo gigs in the UK, with some new songs, an old guitar (he’s back to using his Fylde Oberon), and a new mandolin, built by luthier Gideon Weigert… Film of last month’s Winter Almanac tour has emerged in a series of clips on You Tube… The current… Continue reading

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