The Janus Game

The brand new studio album from songwriting supremos Steve Tilston and Jez Lowe.

Two of the UK acoustic/folk scene's finest songwriters - Steve Tilston and Jez Lowe – put their heads together and ‘The Janus Game’ is the thought provoking result. A serendipitous meeting in the US amid their prolific individual touring schedules instigated a collaboration between two award wining songsmiths, consummate musicians, and personal pals, that blossomed into a joint UK tour filled with songs and music, chat and banter and intimate insights into their approach to their craft. A natural extension of the song-swapping and packed-house performances was to take the music into the recording studio.

All the tracks on this album are new songs co-written by Steve and Jez. Like Janus, the two-faced god of mythology alluded to in the title track, many of the songs across the album look to the past, and to the future, to truth and to deception, to war and to peace. Taking on familiar yet thorny topics - such as the UK’s industrial heritage, the multi-faceted (both personal and political) impacts of migration, and the dreams, longings and memories we all harbour as we grow older - the challenging and stimulating lyrics of this album are enriched by the “absurdly accomplished”, multi-instrumental accompaniments of this formidable duo together with some of their equally talented friends.

Providing breadth and depth to the backing of many songs we find ‘Bad Pennies’ and solo fiddler Kate Bramley, ‘The Durbervilles’ Mark Boyce (Drums) and David Crickmore (Bass/Percussion), and double bass specialist Hugh Bradley. The job of pulling this anarchic band of troubadours together in the studio fell to David Crickmore as producer and engineer for the album, with mastering finishing touches supplied by eclectic musician (‘Monster Ceilidh Band’, ‘The Bad Pennies’) and sound engineer David de la Haye.

So listen in as two of the UK Folk scene’s outstanding singer-songwriters, prolific and well-travelled performers, and most widely covered artists, go head to head  - and neck and neck (guitar necks, that is!) - to entertain you. From first to last notes the 11 brand new tracks that make up ‘The Janus Game’ represent a masterclass in songwriting and musicianship to be savoured by fans and newcomers alike.


Format: CD
Tracks: 11
Released: 24 November 2016
Tantobie Records TTRCD 115


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Price: £12.00

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