Radio Ballads on BBC Radio Two… Child Migration Tour starting…

There’s a busy couple of weeks ahead for Jez. He’s featured on next Friday night’s BBC Radio Two broadcast of Ballads of The Great War, going out live at 8pm, and featuring FIVE of his compositions – THE LONG BALLOON, LA BELLE EPOQUE, IF I COULD BUY A BLIGHTY, IN THE NICK OF TIME  and THE TOWN HALL YARD. Then on Saturday, it’s the final episode of the Ballad Of The Great War, at 9pm on Radio Two, again featuring several Jez Lowe songs, including the opening and closing song, THE CHERRY CHEEKED OPTIMISTS, that he co-wrote with John Tams. Both programmes will be available for the next few weeks on the BBC I-player… On Monday, Jez will be with an all-star cast at the Gilbenkin Theatre in Canterbury for the start of the Ballads of Child Migration tour, which will consist of five shows across the country, continuing to London, Cambridge, Nottingham and Southport. Jez has FOUR songs in the show, LANDFALL, TAINTED BLOOD, SNOW TO Nova Scotia and BARNARDO’S PARTY TIME, and is featured on vocals throughout… Note that he’s even fitting in a surprise appearance in the West Midlands on Saturday, between the two shows, that we’re not allowed to advertise or mention. Details of all the other dates are on the GIGS page of this website.

Jez Lowe – Market Day
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  • Mar 1st 2019 Jez Lowe Solo in Stonehaven, Scotland at Community Centre
  • Mar 5th 2019 Jez Lowe Solo in County Durham at Lanchester Social Club
  • Mar 6th 2019 Jez Lowe Solo in Cramlington at Benedictine Social Club