Radio coverage continues! Extra Sage Xmas seats…And a new song already?

Jez by Allan PriceTonight (Monday) on Roger William’s show on Nottingham’s Trent Sound station, you can hear Jez giving a track-by-track commentary on the new CD The Ballad Beyond. Last night he played three songs from the album live on Genevieve Tudor’s Sunday Folk show on BBC Radio Shropshire and talked at length about the songwriting process, the Radio Ballads and the upcoming Broonzies project… Meanwhile, last night on BBC Radio 4, last Tuesday’s broadcast of The Radio Ballads was highlighted, and Roy Bailey’s version of Jez’s song THE WRONG BUS was played! Congratulations to all the Radio Ballads team for the great reception that the programme received. Jez’s other contribution was a song called LA BELLE EPOQUE, sung by Bob Fox in the show… Jez’s annual Christmas show at Gateshead’s Sage is sold out already, so extra seats are now being advertised “with restricted view”. Standing room is also available… Jez performed a short set at last Saturday’s commemoration of the 1962 Seaham Lifeboat disaster, and included a version of Ed Pickford’s song written about the tragedy, plus a new song of his own (already!) called TALES THIS TOWN COULD TELL. In fact it was a reworking of a song included in last year’s Badapple Theatre’s production of Kate Bramley’s play “The Carlton Colliers”, which will itself be on tour again in 2015.
(Photo by Allan Price – Jez at BBC Radio Shropshire last night)

Jez Lowe – This Is Not My tribe
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