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The collection of song-lyrics on this website is gradually being added to – half a dozen have been uploaded this week, with more to follow… Meanwhile, Jez unveiled yet ANOTHER new song at his solo show in Doncaster last week, this one titled (we think) FARMER SUN. This follows the debut performance of LOUISA the previous week, and HONEYMOON TERRACE, THE GEORDIE SONG and a re-appearance of TIME RICH, CASH POOR, not to mention THIS IS NOT MY TRIBE, and THE FROZEN ROMAN in recent weeks. There’s a promising pattern emerging here… There’s a couple of new shows just been added – Jez and Steve Tilston are at Nettlebed Village Club on April 27th, a run up to a whole week of duo shows in May. Before that, Jez and James Keelaghan will be doing an afternoon show on March 15th at The Schoolhouse in MacDonalds Corners (nothing to do with the restaurant chain!) in Ontario, before heading to an evening show in Midland Ontario that evening… The recent Vin Garbutt tribute CD is now available from this website, for a limited time only – check out the SHOP page… A great review for Jez’s latest novel “The Corly Croons” has just come our way from the Northumberland Book Club, just as Jez announced on his recent newsletter that he’ll be doing some solo shows based around readings and songs from his novels later this year and early next – a presentation he’s calling “Geordie Toffs and Penny Gaffs”. More about this in the weeks ahead.

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