Tilston Lowe Sometimers – new quartet debut!

Jez Lowe and Steve Tilston are in the middle of a tour of village halls around the North of England, but next week they’ll be joined by Hugh Bradley on bass and Chris Parkinson on keyboards for the debut appearances of their new quartet, The Tilston Lowe Sometimers. They play at The Kitchen Garden in Birmingham on Tuesday November 7th, and at Cecil Sharp House in London on November 8th, and will be including songs from their recent duo album “The Janus Game”, as well as songs from their individual repertoires. It’s a new band, but the working relationship between the four of them stretches back a long way. Hugh and Chris played with Steve on several of his recent albums, as well as playing festival shows together in recent years. They were both also members with Jez of The Broonzies, and played with him (along with Maggie Holland and Roger Wilson) on their UK tour earlier this year.

The Cecil Sharp House concert is Jez and Steve’s only London appearance in the near future, and is obviously a special venue for UK folk music fans. It promises to be quite a remarkable night. The new quartet will be an occasional venture, as suggested by their name, and the Tilston/Lowe duo, often enhanced by Hugh on bass, will continue as before, but it’s hoped that there’ll be more Sometimers shows in 2018. Meanwhile you can also catch Jez and Steve together at West Kirby Arts Centre on November 10th and at Alstonfield Village Hall on November 11th. 

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