Update into April

As you’ll see by the GIGS page on this site, more gigs have been postponed due to the present lock-down situation, and several that are still up there are likely to be called off imminently. We’re continuing to monitor things and will update the site as and when more information comes in… Lots of musicians from all genres ahve already set up on-line performance pages, but so far Jez hasn’t done this. Again, we’ll keep you informed as to if and when he decides to do the same. What he HAS done already though, is to open his own You Tube channel in order to start a regular series of readings from his novel “The Dillen Doll” – Chapter One is already available, in two parts, enabling us to hear Jez himself read his own work for the first time. There are only another TWENTY FIVE chapters to go! Lots of people have already said how much they’ve enjoyed hearing the story read in the accent in which it was written. A perfect passtime for these long house-bound evenings… Meanwhile, there are still some bargains on sale mail-order via the SHOP page on this site, including the bargain “Jez Lowe Duo three-pack of CDs”, plus deals on both of Jez’s novels, “The Dillen Doll” and “The Corly Croons” – have a look and see if there’s anything you fancy. Any support you can give to ANY musician in limbo at this time would obviously be most appreciated… There is still a definite plan to get a new Jez Lowe album out before the end of the year, but in the meantime, possibly inspired by the on-line reading project, Jez is spending much of his current down-time working on novel number THREE, which has lain completed but unedited for the last six months or more. There’s no publishing date set for it, but it’s an obvious project for 2021, when hopefully things will have regained a more even keel, and we’ve all been able to get through it unscathed. Please stay safe, and stay well.

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  • Jun 21st 2020 Jez Lowe Solo in Whitby at Moor and Coast Festival