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CDs of “Crazy Pagan“, Jez’s brand new solo album, have now been sent out to everyone who has ordered copies from this website – and thanks to everyone who took advantage of the special deal combining the new CD with copies of “The Corly Croons”, Jez’s most recent novel… And here on this website, all the lyrics to the new songs have been posted on the “New Album” page… Jez has put together a new video to accompany one of the tracks, and it will be up on You Tube and elsewhere at the beginning of next week, all being well… Jez will be doing an hour-long on-line live concert on Sunday November 8th at 8pm UK-time, via Facebook, featuring most of the new songs, plus a few old favourites, and maybe some surprises too… There’s been a lot of interest in the new CD from folk radio programmes, and at least one “Jez Lowe Special” is planned once the album is launched officially. More news when we have it… Jez is suddenly more active on Facebook and Twitter, now that the album is out, and he has put up two notable posts about two of the songs, SHAKING MONTY and LOUISA’S CHOOSING and the people who inspired them. We’re sure there’ll be more… OTHER NEWS – Earlier this week, Newcastle-based company Amber Films showed an on-line premiere of their new production, entitled “What Happened Here”, about the effect of the 1985/85 coal miners strike upon Jez’s hometown of Easington Colliery. The film includes footage of Jez playing at last year’s Miners Picnic on the site of the old coal mine at Easington (performing THESE COAL TOWN DAYS), plus lots of contemporary photographs and recollections. There was an on-line discussion about the film afterwards, and initial reaction was extremely positive… Finally, official release date for “Crazy Pagan” is November 1st, with a “distribution date” through Proper Music Distribution of December 4th. There’s a short promo clip that you can view on Jez’s You Tube channel, more performance clips of the new songs will be added to coincide with the official release.

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