New album makes a splash!

Jez’s new album “Crazy Pagan” is hitting the airwaves around the world – it’s album of the week on Canada’s “Blues and Roots Radio” right now, on WUSB in Long Island USA last weekend, and on Scotland’s “Folk’n’stuff” next week, and Jez even did a telephone interview with Jim Marino on Ontario station CFMU last weekend, talking about the new album and various other lock-down projects he’s been busy with. This new album is also Jez’s first one that is simultaneously available on the Band Camp website for download, as well as the usual digital services…
All the special offers are still available via mail-order from this website, the most popular currently being the new album together with Jez’s second novel, “The Corly Croons” in one package…
Meanwhile, as you can see from this website, a new video has emerged showcasing TIME RICH, CASH POOR, one of the tracks on the new CD – a bit of a zany take on the song, suitable for these whacky times. The previous video, of THIS IS NOT MY TRIBE, (referred to as “your last single” on that radio interview last week), is still available on Jez’s You Tube channel…
As we’ve previously mentioned, there’ll be a special on-line launch of the new album on November 8th at 8pm UK time, via Jez’s Facebook page, which will include live solo  performances of most of the songs from the new CD… Prior to that, Jez is scheduled to do a half-hour on-line performance for the Pick and Mix benefit series, to help foodbanks in the Leeds area of England, on Sunday November 1st at 7.45 UK time. Details here –
Another on-line performance emerged last week, featuring Jez in a special “duet”  with his old friend Dan Walsh, playing a “socially-distanced” version of Jez’s song WILL OF THE PEOPLE. You can see it for yourself here, and it’s a lot of fun –
Jez is scheduled to do another radio interview with Mike Ganley at Swindon FM on Tuesday November 10th – date of broadcast unknown, but available on the station’s website afterwards.

Jez Lowe Concerts- Pay What You Feel Link

Jez Lowe – Time Rich, Cash Poor
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