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See the photo ad. below for details of Jez’s concert this coming Wednesday (Sept 16th) at 8pm… According to a tweet from the Tenterden Folk festival in Kent, UK, Jez has contributed video clips of him singing three new songs from the forthcoming new album. They seem very pleased and excited by these clips, which will be broadcast as part of their on-line festival on October 1st… Jez has just done an extensive interview for “Folk Roundabout”, a quarterly magazine from North East England. It’s a retrospective look at his career from its earliest beginnings in that region, to his later exploits taking his songs about his native area around the world. The same magazine has done similar features on other local performers like Marie Little and Johnny Handle. Publication will be in November… A band from Swansea in Wales have just recorded a version of Jez’s song BLACK DIAMONDS  for inclusion on their forthcoming CD. They’ve used Jez’s original lyrics from 1981, not his re-written version from 2012, as sung by The Pitmen Poets… And speaking of The Pitmen Poets, there’s a chance that they’ll be getting together before the end of this year for a concert in North East England, though nothing is confirmed about that as yet… Jez is working with Bad Pennies bassist David De La Haye on some new music for a project called “Tracks, Traces and Trails”, for an organisation called Land Lines, which is dedicated to British Nature Writing. There is also a video production involved in this, and the results are due by the end of October. David has also been nominated among the Outstanding Technician of the Year Awards for his work at Newcastle University. All this, and engineering Jez’s new CD as well!…

Jez Lowe Concerts- Pay What You Feel Link

Jez Lowe – Time Rich, Cash Poor
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  • Nov 1st 2020 Jez Lowe in On-line at Pick n Mix
  • Nov 8th 2020 Jez Lowe in Live on Facebook at On line concert


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