(J.Lowe / Lowe Life Music)

The day had been just one big sleep now the night was one big fear
Trouble might be my business but it had no business being here
Some cubs were high on pesticide and a few too many truffles
Along the way there’d been fowl play and some chicks got their feathers ruffled
These woods are like a circus now this forest is like a zoo
And when the fur starts flying then it’s me they all come to

But nobody’s not seen nothing so I’d best be on my way
If anyone asks who was that in the mask you’ll hear the folks all say
It was the Lone Badger
There goes the Lone Badger

It must have been around midnight I forget as time goes by
News came round that Furry Grey had picked tonight to die
Now Furry was a friend of mine and I’d seen him earn his stripes
It didn’t seem right some truck in the night should knock the wind out of his pipes
By the time I reached that roadside it was half a tail shakes later
A brush on the beat was sweeping up and I asked about spectators

He said nobody’s not seen nothing  …

Next day I drank with the smart set when a black maltese bird crowed
She said half way down the highway more fresh flesh lay on the road
A no-good dog we’d seen around the barns and farmyard gates
Had met his end on a hare-pin bend and was in one sorry state
We’d all of us seen roadkill and lost friends beneath fast wheels
But cars with jaws full of teeth and claws that’s one suspicious deal

But nobody’s not seen nothing  …

So I sniffed around where Furry spent the night that was his last one
And of all the barns in all the farms I had to walk into that one
There was blood upon that dusty floor a few coins weren’t hard to find
There were boot prints circled round and round there was fear inside my mind
I could almost hear their voices and their dogs half mad with rage
Still I see the fear in Furry’s eyes as I weep upon this page

But nobody’s not seen nothing  …

Is it fodder for your traffic or sport to quench your thirst for blood
Who’s to know the difference through the maggots and the mud
Now the copse is asking questions and the forest’s all a-buzz
They’re asking when the likes of them will respect the likes of us
But the day has been just one big sleep now the night is one big fear
Trouble might be my business but it has no business being here

Cos nobody’s not seen nothing  …


From the album – Honesty Box


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